The Elf

Currently, already in its third year of production, The Elf has delighted over 10,000 Estonian children during the Christmas season. The brisk, lively interactive performances leave audiences clutching their bellies in laughter, filling children with a powerful sense of wonder and inspiration. Unique to the show is a magical contraption that the Elf invented all on his own: the persnickety machine that produces the toys children find in their slippers or their stockings! Author Andrus Kivirähk’s ingeniously humorous script coupled with an animated one-actor performance and a bona fide toy-producing gadget onstage make The Elf a truly unforgettable holiday experience for children familiar with Christmas traditions of all kinds.



Andrus Kivirähk (1970) is a household name across Estonia. His prolific works span all genres: from novels to short stories to children’s books to theater, and beyond. Kivirähk’s light-hearted, idiosyncratic, teasing humor and a strong sense of irony has made him one of the most-translated and widely-read contemporary Estonian authors today. No doubt this is in part thanks to the bond readers of all ages and backgrounds form with his works, finding so much of themselves and the world surrounding them in his fantasy-woven words. Kivirähk’s first collection of children’s stories, Poo and Spring (2009), is treasured by readers of all ages – parents entrust their children to his stories without hesitation! His heart-warming play The Elf was commissioned by Prem Productions in 2015.


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Writer Andrus Kivirähk
On stage Jan Uuspõld
Director Hendrik Toompere jr
Set designer Laura Verte
Sound designer Nikita Šiškov
Music Jaan Pehk
Premiere 10th of November 2015 in Tallinn
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