Brussels sprout


Do you remember the lady who asked through the lips of Jan Uuspõld- Why me?

Tonight she is coming back on stage not worrying about that because she has met a man from abroad.

And perhaps you have noticed, that foreign men forget all their worries as soon as they meet an Estonian woman!? The worries appear later…

Come and let’s see together, what does Small Estonia look like from very far away. Believe us, it looks…let’s say – funny. From the thick Estonian forest, there are appearing Koidula & Jannsen, Leaven & Holy Spirit, Päts, Baruto & Kalev and perhaps also his Son with many other notable characters.

There are also Kilk, Vooglaid and totally out of context politicians passing through- not to mention The First Lady and the last grannies selling their strawberries on the roadside.

Brussels Sprout is the new crackbrained solo adventure from Jan Uuspõld, in which an Estonian woman is asking- Who am I?

And the answer to that question will be a warning to every guy from abroad.

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Author Rein Pakk
Feature Jan Uuspõld
Premiere October 10, 2014
Length 01:10
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