Brysselin kaali

“Brysselin kaali” is the one-man comedy show from the best theatremakers in Estonia.


Jan Uuspõld is playing a middle-aged Estonian woman who is married to a Wallonian official working in Brussels in this socially sharp and lively comedy.


A woman and her speech are as sharp as Estonian mustard.


We, Estonians, think that almost all Estonian women are married to foreigners, mostly to Finnish. Does it look to you like that too?


Today’s world is illustrated by demographic changes. We are living at a time of the people’s migration – cultures, religions and ethnic groups are mixing.


The performance is supported by:



The project “Performing the “Brysselin Kaali” in Finland” has been supported through the development of the “Creative Industries Development” activity “Developing the export capability of active enterprises in the creative industries”.

The presentation of the “Brysselin kaali” n Finland is aimed at introducing Estonian theater comprehensive and create a network of professional co-operation in Finland. With a tour of the show, we wish to create an interest in the Estonian performing arts in the Finnish theater community and to introduce Estonia to its original heritage. In addition, the wider goal of the project is to open up Finnish as an export market to Estonian filmmakers and Estonian theater stakeholders.

The main activity of the project is to give 40 performances in various cities of Finland with a contemporary piece”Brysselin Kaali”, which seeks to find a common feature between Estonians and Finns in contemporary Europe and the world as well as interrelations and cultural-historical backgrounds.

Grant: European Regional Development Fund

Amount of the grant: EUR 50 000

Project period: December 2015 – December 2016

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Author Rein Pakk
Feature Jan Uuspõld
Translator Veera Marjamaa
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